About My Next Electric

About My Next Electric

Why focus on fun?

In the first season of his off-season travel show, The Ride, Walking Dead star Norman Reedus took a ride on one of my electric motorcycles. He said:

It's the trippiest thing you've ever felt. It's kind of like a magic carpet ride. You just get on it and it floats.


Yes, electrifying will be complicated, painful and messy. But we've got to find a new way to fuel our world, and I think we can have fun doing it.

Why focus on saving money?

Electrifying a world economy that runs on gas will be tough. Yes, and, it could give us a chance to save money - $37B a year for US households alone. It could create good jobs, millions of them. And it could let us do the right thing for with people who’ve been screwed the most in our lopsided, gas-fueled world. Read this realistic + optimistic report from Rewiring America to learn more.

The 10-week experiment that got me on this journey...