Family Office(nameTBD)

Family Office(nameTBD)

Our family is curious about investing in an equitable, electrified future - especially in the Southeastern US. Much of this emerging vision is inspired by my brother’s work at A Deeper South:

The vision of A Deeper South is rooted in the idea that the spiritual, political, and cultural health of a nation, region, city, town, or person depends upon an honest and unflinching memory; that the gravest danger to our cities and ourselves is a willful amnesia; that hope is to be found through the work of active remembrance, putting back together the fragments of personhood scattered by a culture of selective memory. - Pete Candler

There’s a one billion machine swap-out underway, and we see in it an opportunity to increase equity and quality of life for everyone, especially here in the Southeast.

Early investments in electrification

  • B2U Storage Solutions: Led by Freeman Hall, B2U's built the largest power plant in the US based on used EV batteries.
  • Flux Hybrids: Led by Micah Ulrich, Flux adds electric drivetrains to lightweight trucks.
  • Edge Energy: Greg York’s team is keeping EVs near the edge of the grid charged.

Education investments that make us smarter about electrification

I’m increasingly curious about educators and #edtech that might help people change their energy consumption habits.

  • Skilltype: Led by Tony Zanders, Skilltype is providing the tooling for libraries to serve as hyper-local community learning hubs.
  • Boost: Led by Nicole Jarbo, Boost builds financial tools for Gen Z side-hustlers.

Some foundation investments

We continue to learn from the inspiring people driving change and renewal around the South.

Some investor communities I enjoy

  • TechStars Energy Tech: I'm a mentor in this Birmingham, AL based program.
  • Scale Workspace/Innovations: Scale's a place for hard-tech startups. I’m a strategic advisor, and I co-work here.
  • 4.0 Pathways: 4.0's reimagining Venture Philanthropy. I participate in angel philanthropy experiments and coach alumni.
  • Idea Village: I'm coaching members of the 2022 entrepreneur cohort.