Matt Candler
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  • I’ve been scaling companies and coaching people who lead them for 25 years.

    • 1996 Atlanta Olympics - I was one of the first ten people on staff at the largest peace-time event in world history.
    • KIPP Foundation - I led the biggest wave of expansion at the largest charter school network in the US. My team was 37 for 38, launching schools in 20 states on time and on budget.
    • NYC Charter Schools - I helped build the first US city-wide charter school incubator; 19% of kids in NYC attend one of 275 charter schools today.
    • In 2006, I moved to New Orleans to serve as CEO at New Schools for New Orleans, now home to one of the nation’s most innovative system of public schools.
    • In 2010, I launched an organization called 4.0 to help entrepreneurs explore new ways to help people learn. It's still going strong with more than 1,500 alumni having served millions of families across the US. Handing off leadership to my successor took four years and taught me tons about power, identity and leadership. It heavily informs how I think about coaching founders today.

    I’ve been working on EVs part-time for 15 years and electrification full-time for 3.

    • I started building electric motorcycles in 2006, mostly as a scheme to justify buying cool tools. Some bikes have been on TV and featured in books on the future of transport.
    • In 2019, I started serving as an an advisor to B2U Storage Solutions, operator of the largest second-life electric car battery power plant in the USA.
    • In 2021, I helped start what will be one of the largest micro-grid projects in the US, Together New Orleans’ Community Lighthouse, 85 houses of faith and non-profits equipped with solar and energy storage.
    • I mentor founders in the Alabama Power/Techstars EnergyTech fellowship.
    • Over the last 15 months, I’ve been exploring ways to help move the ball forward on electrification:

I’ve studied with some great people, too.

  • MBA, Northwestern University/Kellogg: Decision Sciences, Education Mgmt
  • BA, Duke University: math, Spanish Language
  • TBD: Residential Electrician Certificate, Delgado Community College
  • Racial Equity Institute, Rocky Mountain School of Photography, Fuller Moto Welding Essentials, Center for Restorative Approaches, On Deck Climate Tech Fellowship

Here’s a mix of writing, video and pods on what I’ve been learning.

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More Writing/Video


I make angel investments in energy and education and support energy justice efforts in the Southeastern US. Some highlights:

B2U runs the largest 2nd-life EV battery power plant in the US.

Community Lighthouse is putting solar & storage on 85 houses of faith & non-profits in New Orleans.