matt candler

I’ve been designing learning spaces and tools for 25+ years.

  • 1996 Atlanta Olympics - I was early on staff at the largest peace-time event in world history, and really enjoyed helping design and run the Main Ops Center.
  • KIPP Foundation - I led a big early wave of expansion at the largest charter school network in the US and loved working with first-time school founders.
  • NYC Charter Schools - I was lucky to help start the first US city-wide charter school incubator; lots of kids in NYC attend one of 275 charter schools today.
  • In 2006, I moved to New Orleans to serve as CEO at New Schools for New Orleans, now home to one of the nation’s most innovative system of public schools - mostly because of what hard-working educators who stay in the classroom do everyday.
  • In 2010, I launched an organization called 4.0 to help entrepreneurs explore new ways to help people learn. It's still going strong with more than 1,500 alumni having served millions of families across the US. Handing off leadership to my successor took four years and taught me tons about power, identity and leadership.

I’ve been building electric motorcycles and bikes for 17 years.

  • I started building electric motorcycles in 2006, mostly as a scheme to justify buying cool tools. Some of my bikes have been on TV and featured in books on the future of transport. I always think they’ll take less time than they do, but I learn something new every build.

Now I’m helping other people go electric.

  • In 2019, I started serving as an an advisor to B2U Storage Solutions, operator of the largest second-life electric car battery power plant in the USA.
  • In 2021, I helped start one of the largest micro-grid projects in the US, Together New Orleans’ Community Lighthouse. 86 houses of faith and non-profits are being equipped with solar and energy storage.
  • I’m an active investor in EV and battery storage companies. portfolio
  • I’m an All-Star Mentor (top 2%) for TechStars, the world’s largest startup accelerator.
  • I’ve started two learning communities: